Plasmalex plasma surface treatment solutions are designed to help you achieve the finishing touch to your products across different industries.

Underneath you can find an overview. Click on the application you are interested in and you will find more information on it.

Medical & Life science

Plasmalex surface treatment solutions increase and extend the lifespan of your medical products. We guarantee top quality, a highly controlled process, short cycle times and repeatability.



At Plasmalex, we offer a complete range of various surface treatments to reach the best filtering performances combined with a low Total Cost of Ownership in your production lines.


To guarantee our customers the highest performance and protection for their electronic products, the Plasmalex PECVD process assures a deep, consistent, high quality treatment. Moreover, PECVD is the best solution for fine coating of 3D complex shapes and porous materials.


Textile & Garments

Plasmalex surface treatment solutions improve textile functionalities without impacting the key characteristics of your product.
New customer applications are within reach.


General Coating

On top of coatings for medical, electronics, textile and filtration, Plasmalex has experience in coatings for specific applications. 


General cleaning, activation

Plasmalex solutions lead to superior results in a wide variety of cleaning and activation applications.


During the last 3 decades numerous systems were installed for cleaning and activation purposes through plasma. The applications of our customers cover a wide range of industries, some examples:

Release liner

With their tunable release force our atmospheric plasma chemical vapor deposition coated films meet various silicone free release liner requirements.


Fluorinated films

Our plasma treatment solutions have a proven track record for surface fluorination in different applications.



Functionalization and grafting create strong covalent bonds, leading to high chemical adhesion.


Plasmalex - hydrophobic coating
Electronics activation Textile oleophobic
Greenhouses - Plasmalex
Plasmalex - activation ink cartridge
Magnet Activation
Release liner - car wrapping
Release coating - textile printing
medical adhesion
Photovoltaic Adhesion coating - Plasmalex
Aerospace adhesion
Photovoltaic Adhesion coating - Plasmalex
medical adhesion