Distinguishing Roll-to-roll or reel to reel Surface Treatment Techniques: Corona and Atmospheric plasma

Distinguishing Roll-to-roll or reel to reel  Surface Treatment Techniques: Corona and Atmospheric plasma

Two technologies are relevant for Industrial plasma systems: Vacuum or low pressure plasma treatment, and Atmospheric plasma treatment.

As opposed to vacuum plasma systems, atmospheric plasma systems do not require airtight vacuum chambers. Materials can be moved through a treatment zone via a conveyor belt. (Niemira, 2012)

For this comparison to Corona only atmospheric plasma is relevant to consider.

Corona is a specific type of atmospheric plasma. At first glance atmospheric plasma and corona treatment seem to be very similar. 

Despite their shared objective of enhancing material properties, and similar operational principles, the impact control of Corona and atmospheric plasma treatments, is different yielding distinct outcomes in various applications.

Both in Corona and plasma the gas is decomposed into a mixture of neutral and charged particles that interact with  exposed surfaces of the material. When the object is an open cell structure, the plasma particles will interact with the inner surface as well.

By understanding the underlying mechanisms and effects of both Corona Discharge and technologies that rely on precise surface modifications, we can better appreciate their contributions to industries.

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