Plasmalex surface treatment solutions for electronics

Electronic customers want the highest performance and protection for their electronic products. Plasmalex specializes in Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD). 

The PECVD process is executed in a controlled atmosphere. It assures a deep and very consistent treatment with no variation in coating quality. PECVD is the best solution for fine coating of 3D complex shapes and porous material.

With  our plasma nanocoatings Plasmalex ensures best in class splash and waterproof protection for your electronics.

Plasmalex has a solution for several applications in electronics.

Surface treatment:
Cleaning and etching of PCB’s and connectors

Nanocoatings guarantee a top coating to reduce water ingress

Dielectric barrier coating to protect internal electronics against water or sweat.

Hydrophilic coating with Nanofics 10 (WCA < 10°),

Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating with Nanofics 110 (WCA > 110°, Oil > 4)

Depending on the variant used, newly launched PlasmaGuard™ coatings provide splash-proof or waterproof moisture protection to devices such as wearables and consumer electronics. The ultra-thin conformal nanocoatings are halogen free, making them an ideal coating solution for the protection of sustainable electronics. With our halogen free coating PlasmaGuard™ we combine the highest performance and protection for electronic products, with the lowest environmental footprint.

Partner SCS Specialty Coating Systems

Europlasma is partnering with Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), a global leader in conformal coating services and technologies, to expand their coating portfolio to include PlasmaGuard™ coating services.

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Why choose plasma nanocoatings in electronic applications?

  • Plasmalex nano coatings improve mechanical properties to reach the best performances combined with a low Total Cost of Ownership in your production lines. You need less material to obtain a higher efficiency.
  • Plasmalex’ s Technology offers highly technical and repeatable processes.
  • Plasmalex nano coatings are permanent and flexible.
  • Plasmalex nano coatings are flexible, do not easily crack making them suitable for flexible substrates
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Plasmalex Nanocoatings are conform, have a homogeneous thickness and an excellent adhesion
  • Plasma coatings preserve substrate properties (such as breathability, acoustics, …)