Extension of our functionalization capacity with an extra vacuum plasma treatment machine


At Plasmalex, we continuously invest to enhance our support for customers. Due to the rising demand in roll-to-roll applications, we’ve made the strategic decision to strengthen our capacity at the CPI factory in Fuveau with an additional vacuum plasma treatment machine. This enhancement empowers us to better assist our customers by providing increased opportunities for trials and job coatings. 🙏 Looking forward to delivering even greater value and innovation to our clients! 💡

Depending on the chemistry, different types of processes are performed.

The Coating Plasma Innovation (CPI) division offers two kinds of treatment: grafting or coating.

  • For grafting the substrate is exposed to the highly reactive species of the plasma gas. The interactions between the substrate and those species will modify the surface chemistry. New chemical functions will be grafted on the material surface. The nature of the grafted functionalities can be adjusted by carefully controlling the gas composition.


  • For coating, vapors of a specific molecule are added to the plasma gas. Those vapors are activated by the energetic species in the plasma and will react on the surface to create a coating. This process is called AP-PECVD (Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition). Depending on the nature of the precursor, coating with very specific properties can be deposited.


Atmospheric plasma systems are reliable and have a good operational equipment efficiency.

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