Plasmalex surface treatment solutions for filtration

In filtration, uniform quality and performance is of utmost importance. Plasmalex’ surface treatment solutions increase your filter performance as well as extend the lifespan of your filtration product.

Plasmalex vacuum plasma technology deposits ultra-thin plasma coatings with various properties into the core of complex and porous structures and minimizes pressure drop. Filtration is one of Plasmalex’ s primary segments for vacuum plasma.

Plasmalex has a solution for several applications in filtration.


Plasma coatings provide a very high level of filtration of ultrafine solid particles with a minimal effect on pressure drop. It also increases the charge lifespan. This configuration is used for FFP2 / FF3 masks, ..




Blood filtration:
Hydrophilic Nanofics 10 S improves blood filtration performance..

Plasma coatings provide a very high level of filtration of ultrafine particles (< 0.3 µm) for HEPA filters, car filters, air purifiers, HVAC and clean room filters.

Industrial filtration: 

Nanofics 110 improves filtration of oil droplets for gas turbine filters and gas chromatography

Why choose plasma nanocoatings in filter applications?

  • Plasmalex nano coatings ensure superior filter efficiency with minimum pressure drop.
  • Coatings improve mechanical filter properties to reach the best filter performances combined with a low Total Cost of Ownership in your production lines. You need less material to obtain a higher filter efficiency.
  • Plasmalex’ s Technology offers highly technical and repeatable processes.
  • Coatings are permanent and flexible.
  • Plasma coatings preserve substrate properties (such as breathability, acoustics, …)
  • Plasma coatings are ultra-thin. For filtration, the typical thickness of Plasmalex coating is 5-100 nm

Extra benefits of vacuum plasma technology in filtration

  • The Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) process is executed in a controlled atmosphere. It assures a deep and very consistent treatment with no variation in coating quality.
  • Also temperature sensitive material can be treated as vacuum plasma treatment operates at low temperature.
  • PECVD is the best solution for fine coating of 3D complex shapes and porous material.
  • Plasmalex offers custom tailored solutions.
  • Plasmalex has an extensive active patent family protecting machine design, processes, methods for plasma deposition.
  • Highly repeatable process.

Green technology


Plasmalex solution overview

Plasmalex offers turnkey plasma solutions for filtration, delivering both chemistries and equipment.

Plasmalex surface treatment

  • Cleaning: removal of molecular contamination layers from a surface.
  • Etching: removal of surface material up to 1 µm.
  • Activation: chemical modification of surface prior to gluing, painting or bonding.

Plasmalex coating portfolio

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Plasmalex machines

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