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For industries such as aeronautics that require high-quality bonding, plasma treatment can offer an efficient and durable solution. Plasma treatment can improve bonding even on inert and sensitive materials, without altering their fundamental characteristcs.

Plasma treatment offers several advantages for surface functionalization
and grafting:

  • Efficient Functionalization and grafting adapt the film surface for high quality bonding with a wide choice of adhesives, coatings, lacquers, … leading to improved bonding for lamination, metallization, printing and varnishing.
  • Flexible
    Even the most difficult or delicate materials such as PTFE, PLA, PEEK, … can be plasma treated.
    Our current customers are active in a wide range of sectors: aeronautical, aerospace, automobile, …
  • Speed
    Plasma treatment offers the highest processing speeds available on the market: we plasma treat polymer film at speeds
    between 50 and 500 m/min.
  • Transparent
    Molecular grafting does not alter the transparency.
  • Durable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Plasma treatment is durable. Plasma does not damage the polymer surface. It grafts stable Nitrogen covalent bonds.

Plasma treatment is a fast and dry treatment process that does not require any solvents.

Adhesion and (fluorinated) films

  • Activation:

Plasma treatment can be used to graft and coat difficult substrates such as PEEK and PTFE.
It has a wide range of applications, including photovoltaic lamination for treatment of fluoropolymer to improve adhesion without using reactive chemicals.

  • Coatings:

Plasma technology deposits coatings with a thickness of a few nanometers for hydrophilic or hydrophobic applications. It, for example, ensures sealing to avoid contamination in medical applications.

Overall, plasma treatment gives a versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for surface treatment and coating in various industries.  Under neath some examples of cases.

Anti drip 

Plasma treatment can be used to create an anti drip coating for ETFE greenhouses


Plasma treatment can be used to increase the hydrophilic properties of substrates


Greenhouses - Plasmalex
medical adhesion
Photovoltaic Adhesion coating - Plasmalex