Plasmalex surface treatment solutions for medical and life sciences

In medical the highest standards are set. Uniform quality and performance is of utmost importance. Each process is validated. To achieve results it needs to be repeated consistently.

With Plasmalex surface treatment solutions you can increase as well as extend the lifespan of your medical products. Our process is highly controlled and ensures short cycle times and repeatability.

Vacuum plasma technology cleaning, activation and etching processes increase the surface tension of medical material. Nanocoatings add various properties into the core of complex and porous structures. On top of that we offer a green technology.

Plasmalex has a solution for several applications in medical.

Activation, cleaning, etching:
Activation prior to gluing, for needle hubs, for printing catheters, …
Fine cleaning of stents, Intraocular lenses, implants and guidewires before coating.

Permanent nanocoating:

Plasma coatings improve wettability/capillary action of cell growth plates, blood filters, wound dressing, microfluid devices, …

Plasma coatings avoid liquid retention in small capacity high precision pipette tips and build a sweatproof barrier on internal electronics, such as hearing aids ….

Why choose plasma nano coatings in medical applications?

  • Nano coatings can add a wide range of surface functionalities to the substrate improving the performance of your product.

     Also halogen free coatings are available. Check out the Plasmalex coating overview
     Optimized solutions with several gases make it possible to create different variants and meet specific customer requirements.

    The Plasmalex coating process is highly technical and repeatable.

                  Coatings are permanent, eye invisible, flexible, with no impact on substrate properties, such as hand feeling, acoustic material breathability, ….

  • The process is solvent- free all-dry reducing the impact on the environment.

  • Plasmalex offers an economical single step coating process.