Renowned Plasma companies Europlasma and CPI integrate into newly founded Plasmalex

Fuveau, France, June 21, 2023 – Two leading companies in plasma surface treatment, Europlasma and CPI, specialized in vacuum and atmospheric plasma solutions, merge to form the new company Plasmalex.

Europlasma, based in Belgium, is a global technology leader with 30 years of experience in innovative nano coating solutions based on low pressure plasma technology.  Europlasma develops proprietary processes, designs and builds turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment and supplies process chemicals.

Created in 2001 and located in the south of France, CPI is a pioneering company in roll-to-roll atmospheric plasma surface treatments. CPI has developed the most advanced cold plasma reactor  with controlled atmosphere, and offers customized solutions.

Both renowned plasma technology companies are part of the portfolio of the Andlinger and Company Investment Fund and will now join forces by merging into the newly created structure Plasmalex.

Plasmalex President Johan Volckaerts shares, “I am very pleased to announce the creation of Plasmalex. With Europlasma and CPI, Plasmalex integrates two companies that have a wide experience in respectively vacuum and atmospheric plasma applications. The combination of the competencies of both the Europlasma and CPI team results in an even wider range of solutions for our customers, from chemistry to machines, and job coatings.

Thanks to the streamlined cooperation of a strong complementary team, we will be able to provide even better service levels, while keeping our specialists focused on their domains of expertise. This combination allows our customers to be at the forefront of their industry. At Plasmalex, together with our customers, we will look for the best solution to their unique application needs, whether it is a vacuum or atmospheric plasma solution.”

Plasmalex has a very extensive machine park that can be used for laboratory tests and industrial scale trials.

Its vision is to help creating a sustainable world by providing breakthrough industrial solutions.

As a fully integrated research, development and engineering group, Plasmalex provides complete solutions for nanoscale surface treatment, functional modification and conversion of web processed materials and objects with the lowest possible environmental impact.


For more information please contact:

Tim Beulens, Vice President

+ 32 (0)472 64 94 73