Release liner

With very simple chemistry Plasmalex’ offers an ultrathin and ultraclean release coating; Ximo.



The patented release liner Ximo is manufactured on our Bluemach 2000 machine in a cleanroom environment. 


Ximo has several benefits:

  • Reliable and predictable results
  • Consistent and stable release performance for several films and polymer substrates
  • Highly reproducable process ensuring consistent quality
  • Smooth release, no zippy effect avoiding marking of the product and ensuring consistent quality 
  • Re-usable, very coherent and anchored coating; keeping its properties after re-use, reducing waste and optimizing production efficiency
  • Tunable release properties: Ximo’s release properties can be adjusted or tailored to meet specific requirements, allowing for customization and versatility in various applications.
  • Long shelf life of treated products ensuring stability over time
  • Ultrathin release coating
  • Very simple chemistry, only one molecule used (no catalyst, CRA…)
  • The coating is compatible with composite applications (pre and post curing)
  • Minimum transfer of silicone (very low level of extractables)


Thanks to its tunable release properties Ximo is the most efficient solution for a wide variety of casting and transfer applications. Our liner is produced for several customers active in PU casting, film wrapping, transfer printing, etc.

Ximo is the only atmospheric plasma release liner available on an industrial scale for applications where consistency and precision are essential.

Tunable release force by varying the coating thikness between 1 and 10 nm

Process Release liner

Application example

Car wrapping - Release coating

Release liner - car wrapping

Applications example
Textile printing - Release coating

Release coating - textile printing
Release liner - car wrapping
Release coating - textile printing