Plasmalex solutions overview


Plasmalex offers turnkey plasma solutions for:

Plasma treatment solutions enalbe the modification of surface characteristics at a microscopic (nanoscale) level to clean, etch, activate and coat materials. Therefore plasma treatment is used in a variety of industries; such as medical and life sciences, electronics, filtration, ...

Plasmalex delivers both chemistries and equipment for surface treatment on an industrial scale.
For industrial plasma systems two techniques are relevant: Vacuum or low pressure plasma treatment, and Atmospheric plasma treatment.

Since 1993, the Europlasma division focuses on turnkey low pressure or vacuum plasma solutions.

CPI offers turn-key solutions for roll-to-roll (web) atmospheric cold plasma machines through its patented designs.

In partnership with our sister company Spoolex, we can provide integrated production lines that are fully turnkey.

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Plasmalex surface treatment

Treatment platform for roll-to-roll atmospheric plasma applications

At our company we have an extensive portfolio for atmospheric plasma with up to 89 interconnected plasma parameters to control (classically 20-40). Read all about the process.

CPI is able to treat most flexible substrates: films, fabric (woven or not), conductive and insulating.
We know that every material and application are unique. This is why our team of chemists, engineers and physicists specifically adapts the treatment process parameters for each customer and material–application combination to ensure the most effective treatment every time.

Our highly efficient technology allows CPI to treat even the most difficult or delicate materials such as PTFE, PLA, PEEK, …  You can find more information on our applications, click here.

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Depending on the chemistry, different types of processes are performed.

CPI offers two kinds of treatment: grafting or coating.

Each treatment has a different process

Atmospheric plasma systems are reliable and have a good operational equipment efficiency.



Wide vacuum plasma portfolio

Our company Europlasma is specialized in vacuum (low pressure) plasma. Throughout its 30 years of experience a wide portfolio of coatings has been developed. Each with unique characteristics. Together we adapt our solutions to your specific needs.

table application

Advanced parylene conformal coatings

For the full overview, visit the COAT-X website.

Plasmalex Equipment

 Plasmalex has a full range of equipment.

Our integrated production lines include:

  • automatic loading and unloading
  • turret slitter/rewinders
  • automation of upstream and downstream processing

Atmospheric plasma roll to roll

From 60 cm up to 200 cm width

Reel diameters up to 800 mm (1000 kg)

Vacuum plasma roll to roll

From 10 cm up to 180 cm width

Roll diameters up to 80 cm

Read here the leaflet on the Plasmalex Roll-to-roll offering.

  Read here the leaflet on the Plasmalex Cleaning Etching Acitvation offering.

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Vacuum plasma batch units

From 30x30x30 cm up to 100x150x65 cm of chamber volume

CD 300

CD 1836


Web converting process equipment

via Spoolex

Job Coating

Thanks to our very extensive machine park that we can use at the same time for laboratory tests as well as industrial scale trials, we also offer all possible surface treatments in the form of job coatings. 

Together with you we look for the best possible solution for your application and can offer flexible job coating services.


Short overview of our test job and job coating capacities:

  • 6 atmospheric plasma stations for industrial size testing and job coating
  • Web width from 200 to 2.000 mm
  • Web speed up to 500 m/min
  • Class 1000 clean room


Quality control:

  • Calibrated inks (surface energy)
  • Contact angle (wettability & surface energy)
  • Peel force measurements

Why Plasmalex ?

Plasmalex has industrial-scale test and job coating capacities

  • With a full range of industrial scale test PECVD equipment for both static and well as roll-to-roll in both France and Belgium
  • Multi-stage coating technology
  • We can test any kind of substrate either on a small as well as on a large scale
  • To define the optimal process parameters for each application,
  • And to gradually upscale volumes
  • Plasmalex has an extensive track record of customized solutions
Company overview - Plasmalex

Unique R&D capabilities

  • The most advanced technology in the world for industrial size reel to reel atmospheric plasma applications:
    • Patented electrode/gas diffusor assembly
      • Control of the chemistry
      • Homogeneous ultra-thin coating (1-10 nm) over 2m width
      • Reduced electrode fouling
      • No contamination of product by plasma generated powders
    • Multi-zone treatment in one pass
  • Continuous Research on the interaction of the different process parameters
    • Up to  89 interconnected plasma parameters to control (classically 20-40)
    • Continuous process  control results in guaranteed and stable treatment quality
  • Continuous Research on various generator technologies
    • Testing and use of different technologies  to select the optimal technology for each application
  • Focus on chemistry in the plasma as a sustainable answer to the traditional wet chemistry solutions
  • Extensive track record of customized solutions

Plasmalex has an extensive IP portfolio and various partnerships

The continuous increase of our patent portfolio as a key focus is resulting in 44 active patents to protect machine design, processes as well as methods for plasma deposition

At the moment we run 2 active EU-supported innovative projects with international partners

Recently Plasmalex signed a preferred partnership with Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), a global leader in conformal coating services and technologies, to expand their coating portfolio to include PlasmaGuard™ coating services.