Plasmalex surface treatment solutions for textile and garments

Plasma nano coatings are being widely applied within the textile industry to improve the performance and functionality of fabric.  Nanotechnology can create permanent hydrophobic or oleophobic effects making them water or oil repellant) repellant while still maintaining breath-ability and tactile properties of the textile.

This allows the textile and garment industry to look into new customer applications.

Plasmalex - breathability of Nanocoatings

Plasmalex applications in textile and garments

Hydrophobic nanocoatings increase the water repellency while being resistant to multiple washes.

Plasmalex - hydrophobic coating

Oleophobic coating makes fabric dirt repellant.

Electronics activation Textile oleophobic

Benefits of plasma nanocoating for textile applications

  • Compared to wet chemical processing, plasma nanocoating comes with several environmental benefits for textile applications:

    • 80% reduction in consumption of DWR coating chemicals
    • 100% reduction in water consumption
    • 50% reduction in energy consumption
    • There is no need for crosslinking agents, chlorides, formaldehyde and other toxic products used in wet chemical DWR
Plasmalex - hydrophobic coating
Electronics activation Textile oleophobic