Plasmalex Group

About Plasmalex

Plasmalex is a privately owned industrial group of companies with an integrated approach for:

  • Plasma enhanced surface treatment and coating solutions
    • CPICoating Plasma Innovation industrial size thin film atmospheric plasma solutions
    • Europlasma: Industrial size vacuum plasma solutions
  • Roll-to-roll web converting equipment and solutions through Spoolex

Senior management team

Plasmalex has a strong complementary senior management team with broad experience in various industries.

Johan Volckaerts
Johan Volckaerts President Plasmalex
Olivier Bru
Olivier Bru COO CPI & Spoolex
Tim Beulens
Tim Beulens CEO Europlasma
Cyrille Pontet
Cyrille Pontet CEO Spoolex
Nicolas Vandencasteele
Nicolas Vandencasteele R&D Man. CPI and EP


As a result of its strong focus on innovation, Plasmalex has unique R&D capabalities, an extensive IP portfolio and various R&D partnerships

We run 2 active EU-supported innovative projects together with international partners

The portfolio contains 44 active patents to protect machine design, processes as well as methods for plasma deposition.

Plasmalex has a partnership with Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) to provide contract coating services for PlasmaGuard™ coatings.


Strong core values

The Plasmalex group has strong core values. The Plasmalex group is dedicated to a culture of Respect, Reliability, Structure and Sustainability.

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Mutual respect

We believe in mutual respect, meaning we value everybody's opinion and point of view as well as take the needs of your business into account.

We're always striving to be better, so we listen to what people have to say about our products and services.

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The solutions we provide create long-term results for your business. Our goal is to realize a sustainable future by providing processes with a low environmental footprint.

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Reliability & Integrity

We think long term and look for the best solution for you. We keep our promises. With Plasmalex, you can trust that your project will be handled with care. We are reliable and integer partners and will respond to all your questions quickly and accurately.

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Structure & Discipline

We have a strong scientific background and technical expertise, enabling us to deliver state of the art solutions. We work with structure and discipline to keep the process of how we do things as effective as possible. Our proven processes have been developed over time to achieve the most efficient and reliable results. We continue to improve and explore new solutions.


Plasmalex wants to help creating a sustainable world by providing breakthrough industrial solutions.


As a fully integrated research, development and engineering group, 
Plasmalex provides complete solutions for nanoscale surface treatment, functional modification and conversion of web processed materials and objects with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Core competencies

Plasmalex is a one-stop shop offering a unique combination of industrial design and equipment manufacturing


Our background is in science and research. Innovation is in our DNA so we strongly believe in following up on the latest insights and technologies to continuously find better ways to support our customers. As a result our portfolio of solutions is constantly growing. And our customers can rest assured that they are at the forefront of the industry.


As entrepreneurs we always look for ways to exceed the expectations of our customers with our solutions but also in how we are working . We believe in personal interaction so that you are always close to the development team and process. As a result we provide you with tailored solutions. To give our customers the best, we believe in interaction to fully understand their needs.

Committed team

For our customers we think further than the mere solution to the challenge. We look at the different aspects at stake. We consider everything that might impact the customer’s process. As your reliable partner we are committed to go the extra mile for you.


We have a long track record in many different applications. Therefore together with you, we collaborate as a strong complementary team that works towards the perfect solution to your needs.

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